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The Martin Luther King Community Center originated in 1971 to serve the residents

in seven (7) neighborhoods, Butler Tarkington, Broad Ripple, Glendale/Castleton,

Keystone Monon, Mapleton Fall Creek, Meridian Kessler, and United Northwest.


Who did the Martin Luther King Community Center serve in 2013?

The Seniors in the community were offered an opportunity to gather, share a meal,

and participate in programs, which support the challenges of leading a productive and

meaningful life. The MLKCC served 250 Seniors, supporting 1,912 visits to the



Kinship Care was offered to family members raising related children other than their

own. Participants found support and information to assist in the day-to-day

experiences of raising a second family. MLKCC enrolled 25 families, sponsoring 110



The After School Program and Summer Camp kept children and young adults

engaged in meaningful activities. Forty-five (45) students from 12 different schools

participated in pre- and post-academic testing, homework assistance and tutoring,

health/wellness, recreation, arts/culture, and exercise with a hot meal and snack

provided daily. The Summer Camp served more than 90 children and used the talents

of 10 young adults.


Foundations for the Future (Workforce Development) provided opportunities for

individuals to develop the life skills necessary to enter the workplace. Sixty-three (63)

individuals enrolled in the program, and 9 maintained employment for 60 days or



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